George St House



The Forsyth family have lived in their home on George Street for many years.  The original structure is circa 1914 Arts and Craft Revival architecture, however a bed 80’s extension to the rear contained the living space.  Our brief was to restore the original building, and re-imagine a new structure to contain living, kitchen, bedrooms, garage, loft and terrace spaces.

It was never our intention to design something ‘new’ or ‘different’, we wanted to respect the scale and material character of the original structure.  Externally the house is enclosed by charcoal ceramic shingles, which are hand made and fired in the same traditional method used in brick production.  The walls and windows are detailed to create the sense that the internal spaces are carved out of a solid block of stone.  Against the original house, the new structure appears ancient and elemental.

DESIGN TEAM  :  Nicholas Byrne, Michael Bradey

Photography  :  Derek Swalwell

"Working with Byrne Architects was a great experience.  Unlike architects I’d worked with in the past, they were well organized throughout the design and construction process and always hit deadlines.  Nicholas impressed us by thinking outside the box, always excited to push the boundaries of new materials and systems.  The whole family loves the house, especially how the light filters through the large windows in to the living room and kitchen.  We love the connection to the outdoor terrace, and the amazing views we get across the park to the city." - Jamie


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